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Total Offering Amount €1,500,000
Valuation €4,300,000
Maximum Investment €1,500,000
Equity Available 34.9%
Fixed Price €100.00
Closes At €500,000

Use of Proceeds
Manufacturing motorcycle equipment in Italy and internationally as well as for online sale, warehousing expenses, and marketing expenses (traditional media, billboards, product placement and social networking.

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Brema, est. 1969, is an Italian motorcycle apparel company. Since their founding, Brema has understood the value of breathability in their fabrics: jackets were realized in a combination of cotton with polyester, therefore adding breathability to fiber resistance. Brema also spearheaded an important innovation in protective apparel by applying removable pads to the outside of the clothing, offering better fitting garments with the benefit of protection when necessary. Moreover the insertion of elastic bands to pants and jackets favored a freedom of movement formerly unknown. Nothing was left to chance: particular attention was given to the direction of the stitching, which when done in a certain direction and tension offered added resistance. Brema is not only known for technical innovations, but also in the use of color: in a world dominated by black clothing, Brema leaves more room for reds, blues, and yellows.

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